Welcome to Forest Friendly Wood Products

Forest Friendly™ is a registered trade marked product of Whistler Forest Products Corporation. We supply high quality lumber and sustainably harvested  forestry products for some of the finest homes and structures across British Columbia and beyond since the 1970’s. Our experince runs deep in the lumber industry here in Canada which has included the development and ownership of several sawmills throughout British Columbia. We have shipped sustainable forest products and custom-cut timbers acrosss throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. We process a wide variety of raw timbers and logs from BC forests which produce some of the finest quality Douglas Fir, Hemlock, Yellow Cedar and Western Red Cedars.

With over 30 years’ experience and a long track record in sustainable forest friendly production we know where to find the quality wood and lumber products you want at a price that works. We can precision cut lumber to your exacting specifications for both large and small orders. Our Forest Friendly™ timbers are also a key product used in our patented Timberlock™ log homes. If you are interested quality finished, Forest Friendly™ raw logs or custom designed log homes and structures, please give us a call or simply drop us an email.

We can provide a no obligation quote – we “wood” love to help! Phone: +1.604.932.8488